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Don Jones was born in the decimated steel town of Aliquippa, PA. He has seen things go from bad to worse, from difficult to extremely tough.  Twenty-plus years ago, he said "What this country needs is a businessman to lead it- Donald Trump, Carl Icahn, or Warren Buffett."  Fast forward to 2016.  Having worked on several campaigns in western Pennsylvania in the background away from the spotlight, he jumped in with both feet to support Donald Trump's eventual victory.  It was the first time since 1988 that Pennsylvania voted for a Republican President, and Beaver County, which was a solid Democrat county with a 54%-35% advantage, voted for Trump with an astounding 57% of the vote. Most recently, Don was the Armstrong County lead for Doug Mastriano's gubernatorial campaign in 2022, where the county outperformed registration, with the Colonel gaining 65% of the vote in a county that was only 61% registered Republican.

Don resides in Elderton with his wife Kelly. He has two adult children and three grandsons, along with two nephews, a niece, and two brothers and sisters-in-law. In his spare time, Don has an interest in medieval and military history, whiskey, wine, craft beers, and cigars.  He and his wife love attending Pittsburgh sporting events and traveling.

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